An application that is highly available and working always is a must for a digital economy to grow and be successful in it. But applications performance can face downtime for any reasons.Mainly it has been server performance and memory resources.But there are several other reasons why application performance can go below the bar. To gain knowledge about the most important 5 server performance factors read below

Monitoring server uptime

Uptime gives an outlook if the system is functioning on point. Uptime is measured from the last time since the system has boosted itself. It’s an amateur check to determine server performance but a most critical one. It directly determines the performance but identifying the root cause of the defect will not be defined.

Monitoring disk activity 

Disk activity is the amount of data that a disk is processing. It is equally important as the computer and memory subsystems. If there is a traffic over the priority of data that has to be processed due to a defect of the processor the disk activity gets affected. Likewise there are several key metrics that determines the disk activity. These metrics have to be monitored continuously for a better server performance.

Monitoring page file use

Page file usage determines the capacity that is available yet , for the flooding of the OS. Flooding of OS equals lower server performance which also indicates that the OS is not large enough as the amount of data has grown.

Monitoring context switches 

Increased context switching means lower server performance.When the applications are running and requires high context switching it must be isolated. Some processors may be busy all the time and some may stay idle. This creates traffic for the data flow. Mainly increased context switches are due to application bugs. 

Monitoring Synchronisation 

If machines share files over a local network, their clocks should be synchronized to determine when exactly the files were modified. Inaccurate clocks could create version conflicts or cause data to be overwritten causing data overload.

Likewise there are many factors which affect the server performance. One thing that you can’t put your business through is a server that is down. We have consultants such as Nixserv who monitor server performance through their explicit software solutions.Contact them at https://nixservit.com/  and acquire their service for a better server performance.