Application Monitoring Services

Prevent Application Downtime By Resolving Application Issues Earlier

Nixserv proactively monitors your business applications and sets up performance alerts to predict, identify and fix problems to prevent minimum downtime as well as minimize impact to your business services and customers.

Application Monitoring Services


Nixserv monitors your application’s performance trends including page load time, application availability, response time, error rates and the servers running the application to identify problems and fix them.


Your application database plays an important role in the application’s performance. Nixserv monitors your database and its performance to identify problems that are causing your application to slow down or crash.


NIxserv provides you detailed and customized reports that are intelligent and includes everything from the application’s availability and performance to its host usage and scalability to further optimize applications availability performance.


Nixserv's 24/7 remote server monitoring services help your business to easily manage and diagnose your virtual, physical and even hybrid cloud server infrastructures, while ensuring increased server uptime and reliability and act on any signals.


Our 24/7, Network Operations Center (NOC) helps to monitor all your network devices, routers, switches, etc. with help of trained Network administrators and operators. to prevent them or fix them as soon as possible.

Strategic Technology Partners

Nixserv is strategically partnered with leading cloud platforms. 

Why Partner with Nixserv?

Proven Expertise

8 Years of Cloud Transformation Excellence for businesses in any stage of cloud adoption maturity curve.

Multi-Cloud Expertise

Maximum business value is generated when best-of-the-breed Cloud Solutions are integrated for extensibility and scalability.

Satisfactory Customers

Fortunate to have served 100s of Clients from multiple industries, Nixserv has become a preferred Cloud partner.

Holistic Tech Partner

Nixserv has been regarded as a holistic tech partner in adding value end-to-end business value chain in a vendor agnostic manner.


Startups or Enterprises, Nixserv has always been fair transparent and affordable to clients with its strategic talent sourcing.

Maximum ROI

Not only from Cost, but also from an Utilization Standpoint, Nixserv helps it's customers gain maximum value.

24/7/365 Support

As Nixserv's Clients work across multiple time zones, we support our clients 24/7/365 basis be it for routine or downtime.

Continued Learning

Nixserv has a continuous learning environment to stay up to date with latest cloud implementation best practices and tips.

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Why Nixserv?
# Authorized Partner of all Leading Cloud Platforms. 
# 12 Years of Proven Expertise
# 24/7 Customer Support
# Industry’s best SLA Terms
# Flexible Contracts
# Documentation & Governance Skills