Power your Workload with the virtual support of AWS EC2

Scalability on Cloud reduces costs and CAPEX towards IT infrastructure, while allowing users to scale up or down to align with capacity requirements. With AWS EC2, organizations only pay for their actual utilization that includes compute power, storage and database services. By using AWS EC2, developers gain access to valuable tools making it easier to build applications in a secure environment.

Nixserv as your Authorized AWS Consulting partner

Nixserv helps in building services and solutions to its customers that are of global standards with the features of AWS EC2 instances. From assisting in choosing the right computing capacity and to manage costs over the instances they provide their full-on expertise to their clients while sourcing the AWS EC2 instances.

AWS EC2 features

Optimize Compute Performance

EC2 fleet is the most sought after feature which provides the provision to compute capacity. The actual demand and the spot usage are specified via EC2 fleet which allows you to pay for it neglecting the on-date price in the later days.

Pause and Resume Your Instances

If your organisation has many ON and OFF nature workloads EC2+EBS works together. Hibernating the data from EC2 to EBS thereby passing it and resuming it back from EBS to EC2 is the high scale flexible option that has been provided.

Dense HDD Storage Instances

Massively parallel processed data warehouse are used by organisations that requires more data intensity in a single instance. A sequential I/O scheme upto 3.9GB/s with instance storage capacity of 48 Tb are provided by Dense HDD storage instances

Optimized CPU Configurations

Either you need a number of vCPUs for the operation or a single high performance CPU this feature is the best platform for it. The former saves on vCPUs while new instances enables you to disable multi-threading option from the workload, providing a single HPC

Elastic IP Addresses

Access any instance with the IP address that is adhered to your personal account. The feature of remapping the IP address ,thereby to mitigate problems that are around any instances or software that has been purchased with the same account is provided by AWS EC2 and enables you to analyse zone failures around any instance.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters

For organisations with high complex network and requires high computing capacity or intolerant to network sensitivity AWS EC2 provides the feasibility to build a customized infrastructure. Thus a highly secure and a well-defined infrastructure is built which provides increased throughput.

Elastic Fabric Adapter(EFA)

Exclusively for organisations using high intense communication protocols that are required in applications such as HPC. A customized operating system with bypass technique to enhance inter intense communications

Paying for What You Use

If there are n number of instances that you use AWS EC2 allows you to pay only for instances that are launched. At the end of the day charges are claimed only after a respective instance has launched.

Benefits of AWS EC2

Web Scale Computing With High Elasticity

Adjustable Capacity Range During Usage

400 GBPS Ethernet Working

High SLA Compliance

Powerful GPI instances

Super-Fast Processors

Need Help?


Our Techs operate in 3 shifts round the clock – all the 365 days. Our Techs monitor the servers, VPS, instances for CPU utilization, disk usage, memory utilization and networks, mitigate risks and take necessary actions to keep up and running round the clock.

Customers can raise Tickets; they can use Live Chat from our website. We don’t use Robots for chat.

If our plan is inclusive of Migration, it is free. By free migration, the customers can benefit much in less time.

Our team analyses customer’s existing stack, database, application and customer’s requirements. Accordingly, team creates stacks (as per plan taken by customer) with necessary security and networking requirements; makes necessary backup plans and provisions (as per plan taken by customer); takes code and data from the customer and move them in respective stack. Necessary tests are done by our team and customer; if everything works fine as expected, it is informed to customer and our monitoring starts from here.

Average Ticket Response Time: 14m 22s

Average Ticket Resolution Time: 1h 53s

Average Live Chat Response Time: 15s

For Critical Issues – 99.9%

For Important Issues – 99.5%

For Supportive – 99.3%

No, Our customers need to pay as per plan.

As per plan, in the beginning of every term; For example, for monthly plans, customers need to pay in the beginning of the month.

Multi-Cloud Platform Server Management Expertise

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Services

Nixserv expertise takes care of all your day-to-day operations and uptime with enterprise level service and management for your AWS instances.

Microsoft AZURE Support Services

Set up custom Azure instances, Monitor thresholds and alarms, incident response, patching, backup, configuration management & disaster recovery.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Support

If Google Cloud Platform is your choice for Cloud infrastructure, we lower your cost of cloud management. Drive innovation and manage governance and mitigate risks.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Services

Deploy and integrate any type of managed serviceon Digital Ocean Cloud Platform. Our team is highly versatile and experiencedwhen it comes to Digital Ocean Cloud.


Linux / Windows Servers

With our professional server management services you can focus on revenue-generating tasks and rely on us to manage yourLinux / Windows servers.


Why Partner with Nixserv?

Proven Expertise

8 Years of Cloud Transformation Excellence for businesses in any stage of cloud adoption maturity curve.

Multi-Cloud Expertise

Maximum business value is generated when best-of-the-breed Cloud Solutions are integrated for extensibility and scalability.

Satisfactory Customers

Fortunate to have served 100s of Clients from multiple industries, Nixserv has become a preferred Cloud partner.

Holistic Tech Partner

Nixserv has been regarded as a holistic tech partner in adding value end-to-end business value chain in a vendor agnostic manner.


Startups or Enterprises, Nixserv has always been fair transparent and affordable to clients with its strategic talent sourcing.

Maximum ROI

Not only from Cost, but also from an Utilization Standpoint, Nixserv helps it's customers gain maximum value.

24/7/365 Support

As Nixserv's Clients work across multiple time zones, we support our clients 24/7/365 basis be it for routine or downtime.

Continued Learning

Nixserv has a continuous learning environment to stay up to date with latest cloud implementation best practices and tips.

Hear from our Clients

Increasing impression interested expression he my at. Respect invited request charmed me warrant to.

With AWS EC2 services we were able to handle the workload that suddenly steered high market value. In the mean time for the workload’s market value to go on the full turn-on mode we faced many surges which were handled efficiently due to the flexibility in the computing capacity provided by AWS EC2.

With AWS EC2 services we were able to handle the workload that suddenly steered high market value. In the mean time for the workload’s market value to go on the full turn-on mode we faced many surges which were handled efficiently due to the flexibility in the computing capacity provided by AWS EC2.

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