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Our Techs operate in 3 shifts round the clock – all the 365 days. Our Techs monitor the servers, VPS, instances for CPU utilization, disk usage, memory utilization and networks, mitigate risks and take necessary actions to keep up and running round the clock.

Customers can raise Tickets; they can use Live Chat from our website. We don’t use Robots for chat.

If our plan is inclusive of Migration, it is free. By free migration, the customers can benefit much in less time.

Our team analyses customer’s existing stack, database, application and customer’s requirements. Accordingly, team creates stacks (as per plan taken by customer) with necessary security and networking requirements; makes necessary backup plans and provisions (as per plan taken by customer); takes code and data from the customer and move them in respective stack. Necessary tests are done by our team and customer; if everything works fine as expected, it is informed to customer and our monitoring starts from here.

Average Ticket Response Time: 14m 22s

Average Ticket Resolution Time: 1h 53s

Average Live Chat Response Time: 15s

For Critical Issues – 99.9%

For Important Issues – 99.5%

For Supportive – 99.3%

No, Our customers need to pay as per plan.

As per plan, in the beginning of every term; For example, for monthly plans, customers need to pay in the beginning of the month.