Analyse, modify and optimize data in real time with cloud computing. 2x benefits of it are experienced by adapting to managed cloud services. Here are a few Benefits of Managed Cloud Services.

Better System availability 

Higher availability with increased transfer speed are possible in managed cloud services that give more agility. Focusing on strategies to rocket up the revenue of your business will be your job when all the data that has to be processed and managed are done with higher speed in larger bandwidth. 

Customized solutions

Providing cloud services tailored to your organizational needs is the blooming aspect of the managed cloud services. User interface even at the stage of development is encouraged which allows the service provider to give a customized solution starting from analysing the right storage service. Managed cloud solutions allow the owner to engage in these stages to provide a much reliable and suitable cloud structure for one’s organisation.

Better Deployment solutions 

Constant monitoring of the data is enabled which enables both the user and the service provider to track loose ends and lags of the data. This aspect provides  a better and stature solution for data protection thereby preventing downtime making it market ready.


Redundant infrastructures and highly scaled and secured infrastructures with the support of world’s leading cloud vendors makes your cloud platform more reliable.Thus high availability is ensured and additional benefits are ensured from services such as load availability and DNS services while adapting managed cloud services.

Disaster Recovery as a service (DRAAS)

Backup and DR as a service is a must and a vital service if you are adapting to cloud migration service. Timely backing up of the data and constructing a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan after analysing the eliminating the vulnerabilities is considered as the prime service in managed cloud service by Cloud experts.

Managed cloud services enable your business to move with better agility. The worry of data and its management are kept at bay when cloud consultants such as Nixserv are there to take care of it where you can focus on marketing and product development strategies making your business climb up the success ladder.